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team development at mystery makers

Playful team development at Mystery Makers

From HAHA experiences to AHA experiences

Join more than 10,000 professional teams; take your collaboration seriously - the fun way!

Good teamwork is crucial for team success and job satisfaction. Take your collaboration to the next level with a fun and interactive approach. A trip to the Mystery Room is not only an experience filled with laughter and cheers, but also a unique opportunity to strengthen your team through playful collaboration training. 

Here's how it works

One of our experienced and friendly team coaches will watch as you try your hand at the puzzles in the Mystery Room. Afterwards, they'll facilitate a fun and insightful workshop where you'll focus on your superpowers as a team. The aim is to give you and your team a common starting point and language for good co-operation.

Our team coaches have seen thousands of professional teams in the Mystery Room. They are experienced in finding and visualising team superpowers. They work with recognised theories and principles in group dynamics, organisational psychology and collaboration optimisation.

What you get to take home

  • 1: Fun success experience 
    You'll have a shared experience of success in our Mystery Room with guaranteed cheers and laughter.

  • 2: Facilitated group exercises and team management 
    Our experienced team coach facilitates a workshop where your fun Mystery Room experience turns into a shared aha moment on key collaboration skills such as communication, curiosity and recognition.

  • 3: Key realisations about your collaboration
    Together with your team coach, you create your Team Profile. This includes questions such as: What are your superpowers when working together? What do you need to practise for next time?

  • 4: Tool to strengthen collaboration in everyday life
    You'll take home your Team Profile. The Team Profile is a training tool that helps you focus on the things that make you even better together.

From 6 participants
From 799 DKK p.p.
Opening hours: 09:00 - 19:00
Duration: 2.5 hours incl. games, break and workshop
Languages: DK & ENG

"We all got on the same page and learnt a lot about how great we are at working together - even under time pressure. We laughed a lot about how much we talked over each other. We've actually changed our meeting culture based on the workshop with the team coach."

The value of Team Development

What is team development?

Team development is a process where a team works to improve their efficiency and performance, but most importantly their collaboration and communication across teams. When attending a team development day, it's usually with the goal of achieving personal and team development potential that they can take back to the open-plan office. The goal of team development is to create a strong and cohesive team, and at Mystery Makers, we want to help you do just that! Read more about, why you should choose team development with us. 


Team development is important in the workplace, as a strong and cohesive team can increase productivity and quality of work, reduce stress and conflict in the workplace, increase employee satisfaction and motivation, and contribute to a positive work culture. We believe that good teamwork is crucial for both job satisfaction and performance in any team. And if you want to be good at something, you have to practice it. That's why team development should be taken seriously - but that doesn't mean it has to be boring!

Innovative team development

We know that there are countless development methods, group exercises, team exercises, team events and development courses - there are many names for them. That's why below you can read exactly what you'll get on the team development day itself, but just as importantly, what you can take home with you to the open-plan office. At our knowledge sharing, you can read more about our competency assessmentcompetency development and many more articles focused on developing your teams with fun exercises.

Professional team development

At Mystery Makers, we are good at and enjoy getting people to rediscover their inner playful child, and this is no exception when it comes to team development for you and your organisation. We offer professional team development for large and small organisations, turning HAHA experiences into AHA experiences. When you book a day of team development with Mystery Makers, you get more than just an hour of play - although that one hour can make a world of difference. There is huge potential for development in shaking up the way you see each other in your workplace. And that's what you get to do when you come to us for team development. We believe that team development can happen if you allow yourself to play there. With the right team management, we help you understand how to understand yourself anew. You can read much more about this here, where we tell you, why you should choose Mystery Makers for your next team development programme.

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