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The offer is only valid for experiences between 1 July and 9 August. Experience fun and unique moments in the beautiful summer weather! :sun_with_face:

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Mystery Room the ritual


A secret lodge has sinister plans and you are trapped in their occult chamber at Grønningen. Can you solve the mystery and stop them?


In The Ritual, you and your fellow players have sneaked into the basement of a mysterious and secretive lodge in one of Copenhagen's most prestigious addresses. However, you discover to your horror that the lodge is performing an evil ritual and you now have 60 minutes to interrupt their ritual and escape before you are discovered.

Do you need a digital detox too? Mystery Room is a 100% analogue experience where human presence is the focus. Rediscover the joy of a beautiful, old-fashioned typewriter and leave your phones in your pockets while you solve the mysteries around you.

Try The Ritual as a Battle Room

If you are more than 9 people, you will be split into 2 groups and locked in identical rooms, competing against each other to be the first to escape The Ritual. An exciting and hectic experience.

Our battle rooms are particularly suitable for large parties as a prelude to parties, hen nights and not least teambuilding events for organisations that want to test employees' collaboration skills in unique circumstances.

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Searching Availability...

Mystery Room The Ritual
Mystery Room The Ritual
Mystery Room The Ritual
Mystery Room The Ritual
Mystery Room The Ritual
Mystery Room The Ritual

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?
9:00-17:00: 299 kr. per person
19:00-21:00: 249 kr. per person
299 kr. per person
249 kr. per person

All prices are exclusive of VAT for businesses and inclusive of VAT for consumers.

How many can we be?

You can be up to 18 participants split into two teams of 4-9 participants per room

You can be up to 59 participants spread across multiple teams in all Mystery Rooms at once.

Isn't that too many participants per room? 
No, quite the opposite. Mystery Room is physically bigger than typical escape rooms, and the puzzles are specially designed to Activate all of you at the same time.

Can we be fewer than 4 participants?
Unfortunately, no. We recommend Mystery Hunt at Assistens Cemetery for 2-4 participants.

Who can join?

Team building
The Ritual is ideal for companies looking for a fun and different experience. Both the individual employee's competences and the group's ability to work together come into play.

Celebrations and hen parties
Under development.

Families with children
The experience is suitable for everyone from 12 years and up. However, we recommend that children are accompanied by an adult.

Children and young people are great puzzle solvers and a pleasure to have in the Mystery Room. If you are accompanied by children under the age of 12, we recommend that you try The Lab.

How long does it take?

We recommend setting aside 1.5 hours for the whole experience:

  • 15 minutes for arrival and game introduction.
  • 60 minutes of gaming.
  • A 15-minute debrief with the Gamemaster, focusing on your superpowers as a team.
Other good things to know
  • Please arrive accurately at your booked time to avoid delays.
  • To take good care of each other, we ask you to be sober throughout the experience. 
  • Everyone can join inand we can easily leave the door open unlocked.
  • The rooms are large, so no one will feel claustrophobic.
  • There are no shock effects or live actors. 
  • We recommend The Lab to wheelchair users.
Restaurants nearby

We have compiled a list of restaurants close to Mystery Makers, they are a few minutes walk from our Mystery Room and can be found here.

"We all came together and learnt how great we are at working together - even under time pressure."

Lone, Maersk Drilling

"It's so much fun to collaborate on something that makes you smarter at the same time."

Niklas, CPH Hotel

"Great experience in their escape room "The Ritual". Went there with 5 friends. Good puzzles, good flow, good mechanical and electrical features."


"I can only give 5 stars for the great experience and service."


"Absolutely fantastic, best corporate/family entertainment, value for money and great customer service. Have been in all 3 rooms now with company and family. Thanks for great hours Mystery Makers!"


"An absolutely fantastic experience! Exciting, challenging and skilled employees."

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