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  • Mystery Room®
    Escape rooms in Copenhagen

    "You can learn more about a person from an hour of play than a year of conversation."
    - Plato

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What is a Mystery Room?

An adrenaline-fuelled race against time

You and your team are locked in a mysterious room. You'll need communication, teamwork and brainpower to escape. You have 60 minutes to solve the puzzles and crack the codes.

The experience is rounded off with valuable feedback from the Gamemaster that highlights your strengths as problem solvers.

Do you need a digital detox too? Mystery Room is a 100% analogue experience where human presence is the focus. Rediscover the joy of a beautiful, old-fashioned typewriter and leave your phones in your pockets while you solve the mysteries around you.

Mystery Makers created the first Scandinavian escape room i 2014. We call the experience Mystery Room.

4 - 69 participants
From 249 DKK p.p.
Duration: 60 min.
Opening hours: 09:00 - 23:00
Copenhagen K
Languages: DK & ENG
  • "We all came together and learnt how great we are at working together - even under time pressure."

    Lone, Maersk Drilling
  • "It's so much fun to collaborate on something that makes you smarter at the same time."

    Niklas, CPH Hotel
  • "Good puzzles, good flow, good mechanical and electrical features."

  • "I can only give 5 stars for the great experience and service."

  • "An absolutely fantastic experience! Exciting, challenging and skilled employees."

  • "Absolutely fantastic, best corporate/family entertainment, value for money and great customer service on enquiries. Have been in all 3 rooms now with company and family. Thanks for great hours Mystery Makers!"


    The Lab™.

    ESCAPE RATE: 80%

    You are test subjects in a mysterious experiment. Can you solve the puzzle and win back your freedom?
    The Lab can be played by 36 people at once. You'll be divided into groups and compete not only against time, but against the other teams.

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    The Ritual™.

    ESCAPE RATE: 70%

    A powerful lodge has sinister plans. Can you solve the mystery and stop them before time runs out?
    The Ritual can be played by 18 people at once. You are divided into two groups and battle not only against time, but against the other team.

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    Escape room Killing Room

    The Killing Room®

    ESCAPE RATE: 60%

    You're trapped in a mysterious basement. Can you crack the code and escape with your life?
    The Killing Room can be played by 15 people at once. You are divided into two groups and must first find each other to escape - together.

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    Team development

    Options for Mystery Room

    Do you take collaboration seriously?
    Collaboration is crucial for team success and job satisfaction. Take your collaboration to the next level with a fun and interactive approach. A trip to the Mystery Room is not only an experience filled with laughter and cheers, but also a unique opportunity to strengthen your team through playful collaboration training. 

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    • "Brilliant puzzle room"
    • "Denmark's leading creators of escape rooms"
      Culture on P1
    • "Really fun"

        Since we at Mystery Makers recognised the Danes' need for excitement and play and opened Scandinavia's very first escape room, which we called Mystery Room®, back in 2014, we've had a full house and many Danes have been through our numerous escape rooms over the years. And we understand why! With our escape room experiences, you get excitement, community and the opportunity to bring out your inner child. The first escape room on Danish soil was our popular Mystery Room® The Lab, where you and your fellow players are locked in a mad scientist's laboratory and together you must race against time to solve the riddle that will set you free. Mystery Room® game The Lab is still our most popular escape room to this day, and over 25,000 adrenaline-seeking Danes have so far visited the mad scientist's lab in search of clues to help them solve the mystery.


        At Mystery Makers, we created the first Scandinavian escape room back in 2014 and named it Mystery Room. Since then, we've been blessed with full houses and waiting lists for our escape rooms. National TV, radio and all the newspapers have raved about our escape rooms, and it has even been featured in the cultural programme Smagsdommerne on DR. We understand the growing popularity that our escape rooms, and thus the various Mystery Rooms, have created in Denmark. You get excitement, socialising and a look back at your inner child when you step inside one of our escape rooms. Our first Mystery Room was called The Lab, and to date, more than 25,000 border-seeking Danes have opened the doors to a Mystery Room in the mad scientist's laboratory.
        If you want to read much more about Mystery Makers and the creation of our escape rooms and Mystery Rooms, you can here.


        As children, we play and try new things all the time, but as we grow up, it's easy to forget to explore our boundaries and try new things - and at Mystery Makers, we're trying to change that. With our selection of exciting, nerve-wracking and adrenaline-fuelled escape rooms, there's plenty of opportunity for you and your friends, family or colleagues to bring out your inner child and challenge your limits. Escape rooms give you the opportunity to face your worst fears and expand your horizons. You will undoubtedly discover new sides of yourself and realise that you are capable of much more than you think.


        When we were kids, we could play all day long, and then one day we woke up as adults and forgot how to do it. At Mystery Makers, we want to change that, which is why we created our popular escape rooms. When you step into one of the selected Mystery Rooms, you'll have plenty of opportunities to rediscover your inner child. Our escape rooms are exciting, nerve-wracking and completely adrenaline-fuelled, and your personal boundaries are guaranteed to shift from the second you step in to the second you step out. In one of the selected Mystery Rooms, you'll be able to face your worst fears and help you expand your horizons.


        There's nothing that creates a sense of community and togetherness like overcoming and solving difficult challenges together. That's why a trip to one of our escape rooms is the perfect group activity - whether you're bringing friends, family or colleagues along for the ride. The fear and excitement, combined with the sense of achievement you'll experience when you (hopefully) solve the puzzles and eventually find your way out, will release endorphins that will leave you high on the experience! And a trip to one of our escape rooms is the perfect prelude to a social gathering or party. At the same time, our different, exciting escape rooms are a great way to break the stereotype that you always have to sit down and eat and drink when inviting people to social gatherings. At Mystery Makers, you can turn social gatherings into something active, where you do something physical together.


        One of the best ways to build community and bonding is by overcoming different challenges together, and you can do just that in one of our escape rooms. If you take a trip to a Mystery Room, you'll be setting the scene for the perfect group activity. It doesn't matter if it's friends, colleagues or family that you have in a Mystery Room - there will be both a personal and shared prize on the other side of the door when the 60 minutes are up. You'll experience both fear and success at the same time, and it's a powerful cocktail for community building and self-empowerment. Once you've solved the puzzles, you'll feel a rush of endorphins that will leave you high on the experience in your chosen Mystery Room.


        At Mystery Makers, we have escape rooms in several different themes, so no matter what you're into, you're sure to find a Mystery Room® that suits you and your team. For example, get carried away by exciting rituals and lodge mysteries in The Ritual, explore the marvellous world of science in The Lab, or face your fears and solve nerve-wracking murder mysteries in The Killing Room.

        A Mystery Room for every occasion

        An escape room is the perfect choice for any social occasion. With our various Mystery Rooms, we try to challenge the idea that you always have to gather around food and drink when socialising with friends, family or colleagues. In a Mystery Room, you get the opportunity to make a social activity active, which can often open up completely new experiences and topics of conversation. 

        A Mystery Room with different themes

        At Mystery Makers, we have escape rooms that span several different themes. You can get carried away by exciting rituals and lodge mysteries in The Ritual, or embark on a logic-fuelled exploration of the wondrous world of science inThe Lab. And if you're the brave type, you can face your fears and solve nerve-wracking murder mysteries in The Killing Room. We have a Mystery Room for every taste!

      • Team development

        Do you take collaboration seriously? Collaboration is essential for job satisfaction and performance in any team. If you want to be good at something, you need to practice it. That's why collaboration training needs to be taken seriously - but that doesn't mean it has to be boring!

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