• Mystery Room®
    Escape rooms in Copenhagen

    Scandinavia’s first escape rooms
4 – 69 participants
60 mins.
Copenhagen K
From 249DKK p.pers.

What is a mystery room?

Try an escape room, the most popular experience today. Together with your team, you will be locked inside one of our Mystery Room games, The Ritual, The Killing Room or The Lab. Here, you will have 60 minutes to break the codes and solve the puzzles that will earn you your freedom.

Mystery Makers created the first Scandinavian escape room in 2014. We called the experience Mystery Room®. The game became so popular that all national newspapers covered Mystery Room, which was also debated on the leading cultural tv show “Smagsdommerne” on Danish Broadcasting Corporation.

  • “Genialt gåderum”
  • “Danmarks førende skabere af escape rooms”
    Kulturen på P1
  • “Virkeligt sjovt”

The Ritual™


A powerful lodge has sinister plans. Can you solve the mystery and stop them? You are imprisoned in their occult chamber at Grønningen, and you must fight evil and win before it is too late. You must stand together, solve the lodge’s puzzles and escape before the bell rings.

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The Killing Room®


A serial killer is on the loose. You have been locked up in a mysterious basement at Grønningen, and you must pass a test with your lives at stake. You must stand together and help each other solve the killer’s puzzles and codes in order to escape within 60 minutes.

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The Lab™


A scientist has gone mad. You have been locked up in his secret lab at Grønningen, and you are now the test subjects in one of his mysterious experiments. You must stand together, try to solve the puzzles and escape within 60 minutes.

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Video Session

Options for our Mystery Room games

Get the most out of our Mystery Room games with an hour of subsequent Video Session together with our experts. Your experience will be analysed, and we will show you video footage from the game. You will get the chance to reflect on your teamwork and your team members’ qualifications. Laugh together, relive your successes and learn from your mistakes.

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