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:sun_with_face: Plan your summer party, bachelorette party, or any party with entertainment from Mystery Makers. Enjoy fun and unique moments with friends, family and colleagues in the beautiful summer weather! :sun_with_face:

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    Connect and Unite Through the Power of Play

    "You can learn more about a person from an hour of play than a year of conversation."
    - Plato

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Up to 200 participants
Duration: 1.5 - 2 hours
Copenhagen & Elsinore
From DKK 199 p.p. excl. VAT

Dive into the marvellous world of mysteries and strengthen your team dynamics. As you work together to solve puzzles, you'll actively train your teamwork and communication skills. The fun and shared experience also supports mental health and well-being in the workplace.

Mystery Makers offers exciting and engaging activities that are perfectly suited for many workplace contexts. Our Mystery Hunt and Mystery Room concepts are tailored to promote collaboration, communication and problem solving in a fun and interactive way that engages all participants.

Mystery Makers experiences are also great for creating unforgettable moments at social events or as corporate gifts for employees.

Team building
  • "Incredibly valuable tool to promote collaboration"
    Said, Nordea
  • "We all got on the field and learnt about how cool we are at working together"
    Lone, Maersk
  • "It's so much fun to collaborate on something that makes you smarter"
    Niklas, CPH Hotel

    Play nice to each other

    Host your company party in Copenhagen with Mystery Makers

    Onboarding and icebreakers

    Up to 200 participants at the same time

    Are you about to welcome new faces to your team? Nothing creates a stronger bond than a shared experience. Our enigmatic experiences is tailored to engage, inspire and unite your team. From Finding clues to solve complex challenges together, new employees will quickly feel like an integral part of the team.

    Mystery Hunt

    Mystery Room

    Christmas and summer party

    A valuable addition before the festive dinner

    Shake up the whole team with a fun experience before the festive dinner. Have a meaningful experience where everyone can join in. I are guaranteed to exercise both your laughter muscles and your teamwork.

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    kick-off and collaboration training

    Have you kicked off a new project or a new team constellation? Get off to a great start with a focus on collaboration. Practise your collaboration with one of our experiences tailored to focus on your superpowers as problem-solving team players.

    Mystery Hunt

    Mystery Room

    teambuilding mystery makers

    Team building and team day

    Get valuable team building on your important team day. Everyone can join in and the experiences emphasise your individual strengths, each contributing to your team's collective success.

    Mystery Hunt

    Mystery Room

    Wellbeing and competency development

    Options for Mystery Room

    Do you take collaboration seriously? Collaboration is crucial to the success and well-being of your team. Take your collaboration to the next level with a fun and interactive approach. A trip to the Mystery Room is not only an experience filled with laughter and cheers, but also a unique opportunity to strengthen your competences through playful collaboration training. 

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    experience gift

    Gift card

    We all know the feeling: Gifts are one of the most wonderful things, but sometimes you can run out of ideas on what to give. Delight your employees with a gift voucher for unique, mysterious experiences.

    Mystery Makers are experts in learning through play

    Host your company party in Copenhagen with Mystery Makers

    Play nice to each other

    Our team of designers, anthropologists and artists create experiences that put people at the centre. The experiences highlight your individual strengths and show you that you need each other to succeed.

    Mystery Makers empowers communities through interactive experiences where everyone can join in. Through play and games, we learn more about ourselves and the world around us.

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