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    Thorvaldsen's Museum

    Embark on a legendary riddle hunt in the country's oldest museum, surrounded by beautiful statues, vibrant colours and wild patterns.


Only together can you find and collect the secret of immortality that was shared and hidden in the temple of art. Along the way, you'll work together to solve puzzles, discover each other's unique talents and prove you can think creatively. Can you fulfil your destiny? Will you chase fleeting fame or make a difference in the world together? Your adventure, your choice!

Do you need a digital detox too? Mystery Hunt is a 100% analogue experience with a human touch. Rediscover the joy of a beautiful, old-fashioned treasure map and leave your phones in your pockets while you solve the mysteries around you.

Book for 16+ participants

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At Thorvaldsens Museum you will be given a mysterious box. It contains everything you need. A letter tells you where in the castle to open the box and you're off!


The box is filled with small, mysterious books that guide you around Thorvaldsen's Museum.


To solve the puzzles, you'll need to explore the museum thoroughly. Use the impressive surroundings together with the contents of the box and solve the mystery!


Walking around the museum after dark is a very special experience. Thorvaldsens Museum can be kept open exclusively for your team - and it's much cheaper than you think!

Contact us here for questions about appointments outside the castle's opening hours.

Frequently asked questions - MYSTERY HUNT THORVALDSENS MUSEUM

How much does it cost?
299 kr. per person
199 kr. per person

All prices are exclusive of VAT for businesses and inclusive of VAT for consumers. 

The entrance ticket costs DKK 75 p.p. in addition to the price of the Mystery Hunt. The admission price is reduced for Mystery Hunt guests.

How many can we be?

You can be up to 100 participants divided into smaller groups of 4-8 participants.

Who can join?

Team building
The experience is ideal for companies looking for a fun and different experience. Both the individual employee's competences and the group's ability to work together come into play.

Celebrations and hen parties
The experience is ideal as a fun and social activity for celebrations.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to keep hen party at the museum. 
We recommend Mystery Hunt in The King's GardenThe Meatpacking District or The Citadel as a fun and different hen party activity.

Schools and colleges
Mystery Hunt is a unique experience where students get to play with history. We recommend Mystery Hunt in The King's GardenThe Meatpacking District or The Citadel as a fun activity for students.

Families with children
The experience is suitable for everyone aged 12 and up. We recommend Mystery Hunt in Ørstedsparken for families with children.

How long does it take?

The experience itself takes 90 - 120 minutes.

We recommend that you arrive 15 minutes before your booked start time so you have time to use the toilet and cloakroom. 

Are you more than 16 participants?
16 people can start the experience every 10 minutes.  Contact us to learn more about the duration for larger groups.

Museum opening hours

Tuesday-Sunday open 10:00 - 17:00.
Closed on Mondays.
Closed 24/12, 25/12, 31/12 and 1/1.

Other good things to know
  • We recommend that you arrive 15 minutes before your booked start time so you have time to use the toilet and cloakroom. 
  • To look after each other and the museum, you need to be sober throughout the experience.  
  • Wheelchair users Unfortunately, you can't tour the museum. Instead, we recommend Mystery Hunt at Christiansborg Castle.

Book for 16+ participants

  • "We all came together and learnt how cool we are at working together."

    Lone, Maersk Drilling
  • "It's so much fun to collaborate on something that makes you smarter at the same time."

    Niklas, Hotel Manager, CPH Hotel
  • "I can only give 5 stars for the great experience and service."

  • "Absolutely fantastic, best corporate/family entertainment, value for money and great customer service. Thanks for great hours Mystery Makers!"

  • "An absolutely fantastic experience! Exciting, challenging and skilled employees."


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    Mystery Hunt Christiansborg Castle
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    Thorvaldsen's Museum
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