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If you want to publish photos from Mystery Makers, you must clearly state Mystery Makers, the name of the product and possibly the name of the photographer. e.g.. Mystery Makers, The Killing Room™, Photo: Kim Wendt.

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The Ritual

Mystery Maker's ultimate game opened on 31 March 2017. The Ritual is our most advanced Mystery Room yet. In The Ritual, you and your team have 60 min. to interrupt an occult lodge's creepy ritual. The game is based on the experiences of the more than 60,000 guests who have visited our Killing Room and The Lab.

Escape rooms have gone mainstream

Mystery Makers opened the first Scandinavian escape room in 2014. The phenomenon instantly took guests by storm. Word of mouth spread and the hyped trend is now becoming a recognised form of experience. At Mystery Makers, we are proud to have been at the forefront of establishing a new experience genre in Denmark.

The Hidden War

In May 2017, Mystery Makers opened a new treasure hunt, a challenging and fast-paced mission at Kastellet in Copenhagen. You must gather information, crack codes, solve puzzles and uncover deception. Who can you trust and which of you are masters of the art of war?


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