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  • Mystery Makers' history

Mystery Makers® started in 2010, when two buddies needed an intellectual experience for some friends who were getting married. The entertainment market was big, but intelligent entertainment wasn't easy to find. And when you can't find what you need, you have to invent it yourself.

It all started when we couldn't find a proper experience for some of our friends who were getting married. Instead, we came up with a funny and meaningful rite of passage disguised as a The Da Vinci Code-inspired treasure hunt. Storytelling, puzzles and ceremonies were presented in old golden envelopes. A tangible experience that spoke to both the heart and the brain and activated the participants, turning them into the event's protagonists.

People loved our first mystery and we started selling it on the internet. To our pleasant surprise, many others were interested in intelligent entertainment to mark such an important day. This is how we sold treasure hunts, which we called Mystery Hunt®, as a hobby project until 2012, when we felt that passion was starting to take so much time from our 'real work' that we need to make up our minds. Did we want to run the risk and go on with the mysteries, or should we stick to our ordinary day jobs?

Creative Business Cup was our baptism of fire. The competition about who is Denmarks' best creative entrepreneur. If we won, we would dedicate our future to the mysteries and if we lost, we would return to the treadmill.

We won! And we advanced to the global version of the competition and secured Denmark a spot in the final among the world elite, and suddenly our phones were red-hot. The dream had come true, and from this point on it was hard work.

During the following years, we added more Mystery Makers who were all very enthusiastic about creating innovative intelligent experiences that put the players at the centre. And more and more people asked for and were interested in the same things as we were. Customers turned into friends when they offered their ideas and thoughts.

In the beginning of 2014, we created the first Scandinavian escape room, which we called Mystery Room®. Here, guests would pay to get locked up in mysterious rooms full of puzzles that they needed to solve in a hectic battle against time in order to escape. Before long, most media had told the story about our Mystery Room® games and how Danes had become obsessed with puzzles and locked rooms.

Since then, we have created several treasure hunts and Mystery Room games. And Mystery Makers have grown. We are a diverse group of geeks with vastly different backgrounds who share a passion for intelligent entertainment. We are proud to be a community of game designers, concept developers, museum people, theatre people, anthropologists and even criminal detectives who are all working hard to make the entertainment of the future more intelligent and engaging.

Mads Lind, Grundlægger
Mads Lind, Founder


Mystery Makers opens Mystery Hunt in the Kunstkammer at the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna


Mystery Makers opens Mystery Hunt at the Albertina in Vienna


Mystery Makers expands to Austria and opens a Mystery Hunt at the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna


Mystery Makers win AOK award - Best Cultural Experience


Mystery Makers opens Mystery Hunt Kronborg Castle


Mystery Makers opens Mystery Hunt The Citadel


Mystery Makers open The Ritual


Mystery Makers opens Mystery Hunt Christiansborg Palace


Mystery Makers opens Mystery Hunt The King's Garden


Mystery Makers open The Killing Room


Mystery Makers open the first Danish escape room - The Lab.


Mystery Makers win Creative Business Cup, the Danish championships for creative entrepreneurship.


Mystery Makers founded


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