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History of Mystery Makers

Mystery Makers® started in 2010 when two good mates needed an intellectual experience for some friends who were getting married. The market for entertainment was huge, but there wasn't much in the way of intelligent entertainment. When you can't find what you need, you have to invent it yourself.

For us, it all started when we couldn't find a suitable experience for our friends who were getting married. So we came up with a fun and meaningful rite of passage disguised as a Da Vinci Code-inspired treasure hunt. Storytelling, riddles and ceremonies were served in old golden envelopes. A sensory experience that spoke to both the heart and the mind, activating the participants to be the hero at the centre of the event.

Our first mystery was a hit, and for fun, we put it up for sale online. To our surprise, many others were looking for intelligent entertainment to mark a momentous day. How we sold treasure hunts, which we called Mystery Hunt®, as a hobby project until 2012, when we felt that the passion was taking so much time away from our "real work" that we needed clarification. Did we dare to pursue the mysteries, or should we concentrate on our "9 to 5" jobs?

The baptism of fire was the Creative Business Cup. The competition to see who is Denmark's Best Creative Entrepreneur. If we won, we would dedicate our future to the mysteries, if we lost, it was back to the treadmill.

We won! And we made it to the global edition of the competition, securing Denmark a place in the final among the world's best, and suddenly the phones were red hot. The dream had become a reality, and now it was time to get busy.

In the following years, we became more Mystery Makers, all passionate about innovative, intelligent experiences that put the participant at the centre. And more and more people were asking for and interested in the same things we were. Customers became friends when they offered ideas and thoughts.

In early 2014, we created the first Scandinavian escape room, which we called Mystery Room®. Here, guests paid to be locked in mysterious rooms full of puzzles that had to be solved in order to escape in a frantic race against time. Within a short time, most media outlets had covered the story of our Mystery Room® games, and how the Danes had gone mad for puzzles and locked rooms.

Since then, we've created many puzzles and puzzle rooms. And there are many of us at Mystery Makers. A motley crew of nerds from a wide variety of backgrounds, but with a passion for intelligent entertainment in common. We're proud to be a community of game designers, concept developers, museum people, theatre people, anthropologists, artists and even criminal investigators, all working hard to ensure that the future of entertainment is intelligent and engaging.

Mads Lind, Founder
Mads Lind, Founder


Mystery Makers opens Mystery Hunt Christiania


Mystery Makers opens Mystery Hunt Thorvaldsens Museum


Mystery Makers opens Mystery Hunt Assistens Cemetery and Mystery Hunt Kødbyen


Mystery Makers nominated for AOK - The City's Best Experience and Denmark's Best Experience


Mystery Makers opens Mystery Hunt Stadtpark in Vienna


Mystery Makers sends more than 6,000 adventure-hungry high school students on a Mystery Hunt as part of rebuilding well-being among Danish students after the coronavirus pandemic


Mystery Makers is chosen by Wonderful Copenhagen as one of 10 Danish companies to kickstart cultural life in Denmark during the corona pandemic


Mystery Makers opens Mystery Hunt in the Kunstkammer at the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna


Mystery Makers opens Mystery Hunt at Albertina in Vienna


Mystery Makers expands to Austria and opens a Mystery Hunt at the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna


Mystery Makers wins AOK - The City's Best Cultural Experience


Mystery Makers opens Mystery Hunt Kronborg Castle


Mystery Makers opens Mystery Hunt Kastellet


Mystery Makers opens The Ritual


Mystery Makers opens Mystery Hunt Christiansborg Castle


Mystery Makers opens Mystery Hunt Kongens Have


Mystery Makers opens The Killing Room


Mystery Makers opens the first Danish escape room - The Lab


Mystery Makers wins the Creative Business Cup, the Danish Championships in Creative Entrepreneurship


Mystery Makers is founded
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Play nice to each other

Our team of designers, anthropologists and artists create experiences that put people at the centre. The experiences highlight your individual strengths and show you that you need each other to succeed.

Mystery Makers empowers communities through interactive experiences where everyone can join in. Through play and games, we learn more about ourselves and the world around us.

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