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Why team development at MysteryMakers?

Mystery Makers use learning through play 

Fun team exercises are designed to help your team identify and solve problems, improve communication and collaboration, strengthen relationships and increase team motivation and engagement. A day of team development takes place in one of our Mystery Rooms, which you can read more about below.

Achieve better group dynamics in the workplace

At Mystery Makers, we use play as a tool and more specifically gamification as a method to improve group dynamics. We believe that one's true I emerges through play. We want to explore what happens when we put a team into a playful space - our experience shows that it has a pretty good outcome in terms of creating the right team development. Below you'll read much more about why we believe you should choose to come to Mystery Makers for team development. Because it's not what you might think.

We create team dynamics with psychological safety 

Our team coaches have observed thousands of professional teams in our Mystery Room. They are experienced in finding and visualising team superpowers. They work with recognised theories and principles within group dynamics, organisational psychology and collaboration optimisation. The aim is to give you and your team a common starting point and language for good co-operation. Our team coaches are highly inspired by the Big Five, also known as the Five Factor Model. As the name reveals, it consists of five different main factors that help characterise people. They are Robustness, Extroversion, Openness to new things, Friendliness and Conscientiousness. The Big Five model is one of the most recognised and comprehensive theories of personality traits and has been used in research in behaviour, cognition, work and organisational psychology and clinical psychology. You can read more about it by clicking here, where we explain in more detail what it's all about.

Team development should be playful and fun

Play is our first and common language. Play creates a risk-free space where we can test and experiment with wild ideas that are free from the consequences of reality. Play shows us that we can laugh at our mistakes; it's just something we do. Play creates new relationships across everyday hierarchies. Play stimulates our curiosity and makes us wiser about the world and the people around us. Don't worry - you won't be tested on your maths or numeracy skills, and there are no shock effects or physical exertion. To make it a successful day, you just need to be curious and willing to collaborate with your team. We work to reinforce your team culture.

What is team culture? 

First and foremost, team culture refers to the norms, values, behaviours and expectations that exist within a group or team. It's the way the team functions, collaborates, communicates and makes decisions. A healthy and productive team culture encourages collaboration and communication, fosters creativity and innovation, and helps build trust and respect among team members. A strong team culture can help increase productivity, improve work quality and create a positive and supportive workplace. We want to promote all of this with our team development, and it's these things that we observe when we put you in our Mystery Room.

Become a high-performing team with Mystery Makers

If you'd like to learn more about how you can have a team development day at Mystery Makers, please contact us. We're ready to have a no-obligation chat about how we can help you become a high-performing team. Fill out this contact form - and we'll take a look. 


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