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Skills clarification

Skills clarification is a key ingredient 

In its simplest form, competency mapping is about identifying the different competences that a group of people in a team possess. This is done in order to assess where there are strengths and weaknesses in the group and where action should be taken. There are many different types of competency mapping. It could be via competency mapping, a competency chart or a competency model. At Mystery Makers, we take a slightly different approach, which you can read more about below. 

A mapping of competences on the back end

We've said it before, but a good point doesn't hurt to be repeated. We're not results-orientated, we're interested in the journey to get there. That's why we haven't prepared a mapping of competences that you need to meet to win the game we're asking you to play. And with that said, it's still a truth with modifications. Prior to your visit, you will be introduced to our Five tips for being a winning team. However, it is not a set of competences that each of you must live up to in order to be successful in our eyes. It is a set of guidelines for a type of team that, in our experience, works very well together. In all likelihood, the five competences will be represented on your team, and it is our joint task to ensure that they are strengthened.

You create your own competence mapping 

As we mentioned earlier, we haven't mapped competency mapping. This is because competency mapping can involve many different methods, and for us, the most important thing is that through this mapping you learn to strengthen your collaboration. You will automatically show us what competences you possess when the game starts, and that's how it should be. That way, your behaviour is not fixed by a schedule or rehearsed in advance. It's raw, and that's how we like it! To best help you, we want you to be completely honest in your behaviour. It's not about exposing your strengths and weaknesses, but rather focusing on the different observations we make to strengthen your internal collaboration. 

We therefore conduct a thorough mapping of the competences you have shown us. The purpose of this competency mapping is to create a clear picture of the competences that are available in your team and that can help you achieve certain goals or tasks. Skills mapping can be useful in many different contexts, and our primary task is to strengthen your skills so that you can take them back to the open office community and strengthen your cross-functional collaboration.

Skills clarification is for everyone 

At Mystery Makers, we are both good at and happy to help companies strengthen their collaboration, and we do this with our customised Team Development. And precisely Development is important to emphasise in this context. We know that for some people it can be a bit overwhelming to have their competences mapped in this way, but it's important for us to emphasise that we don't want to put you on display, nor do we have any expectations that you're perfect. We want you to see a day with Team Development as a special opportunity to Develop yourselves. Everyone has a development potential deep down, and we want to bring it out into the light and show it to you. 

Team development at Mystery Makers

If you want to learn more about team development at Mystery Makers, please contact us. 


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