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5 tips

Here are 5 tips for being a winning team

What is your superpower when collaborating with your team? And what are your colleagues' superpowers? Read more about this below, where we will give you advice on how to optimise your teamwork and become a high performance team. In addition, at the bottom of the page you can find articles with inspiration for the same.

Just before you and your team step into one of our Mystery Rooms for your team development, you'll be introduced to our 5 tips for being a winning team. These tips are designed to give you an insight into how to become a high-performing team. The purpose of your team development day with us is to turn you into effective teams. On a day like this, there are plenty of development opportunities, and we'll guide you through them to become high performing groups and teams. 

Each of you decide what you think your superpower will be based on the five tips. Are you best at being Curious about the task, thinking out loud, keeping track of the many clues, being a motivating colleague, or keeping the spirit high?

In collaboration with behavioural experts, we have created the 5 tips based on observations of 10,000 professional teams in our Mystery Room game. We compared our observations with research on the collaborative dynamics of high performance teams. It turns out that these five things characterise high performance teams in Mystery Room as well as in real-life workplaces.

The really interesting thing about these 5 tips is that you often misplace yourself. In a Mystery Room, you are put in a setting where the usual workflows and hierarchy break down - it's in these golden minutes that you really get to know each other.

Below we elaborate on our 5 tips to prepare you for your team development day at Mystery Makers.

1: Be curious

This type of person is preoccupied with defining the problem at hand and immediately sets about using reflexivity and thought patterns to search for relevant information to solve the task. This will often be the person who takes the lead and takes the driver's seat. For this person, it's all about gathering as much information as possible from the start, and curiosity is at the top of their list. Every nook and cranny is explored, and then time and resources can be devoted to creating an overview using appreciative process exercises. This type of person pushes a task into action. 

2: Think out loud

This type of person is very concerned with knowledge sharing and focuses on ensuring that all information and knowledge is communicated so that cross-collaboration occurs. This persona will often ask themselves: What is good collaboration? And along the way, will make sure to find the answer to this. This type of person will often keep track of whether the relevant knowledge has been shared, whether everyone has been heard and whether the necessary feedback has been given - this strengthens teamwork. This is often the person who gently lowers their arm towards the handbrake in an attempt to get all challenges and ideas heard. This type of person ensures that everyone is on board with the task at hand and that everyone's challenges and ideas are heard.

3: Stay organised

This type of person keeps a clear overview to the best of their ability and is keen to ensure that everything that has been found is put in order so that none of the important knowledge is lost. This type of person wants to set the right framework for a self-governing team. This is also the same type of person who makes sure to keep an overview of the entire process and wants to better understand how the team found its way to the goal in order to become a high-performing team. This type of person keeps track of everything and is very concerned about following the definition of team structure.

4: Keep going

This type of persona is worth its weight in gold when you feel like you've hit a concrete wall, and they help to ensure the retention of all employees. It's in these situations where this persona breaks in and motivates the team to keep going. This person asks themselves: What retains employees? And the answer for this persona is often the right motivation. They don't give up easily and happily throw themselves into the pursuit of the many clues - it's work retention that drives this persona. This persona keeps the team constantly testing ideas and solutions - even when it all seems overwhelming. 

5: Have fun

This type of person is good at celebrating the small victories and brings a huge fighting spirit. Their high spirits motivate the team to believe in themselves. This persona type is the one who makes the appreciative remarks, a pat on the back or a high-five when you finally solve the puzzle. In addition to the victories, this persona is also aware of reflecting on what went wrong along the way in an attempt to learn from the mistakes. This personality type is mindful of their fellow players' feelings and makes sure that everyone has fun while learning from the experience. It is important for this personality type to remain as well-functioning groups and teams.

We want to share our knowledge about high performance teams with you

To be best prepared for a day of Team Development at MysteryMakers, we recommend first and foremost that you familiarise yourself with the above 5 tips for being a winning team. In addition, we'd like to share a series of articles with you that you can dive into during the coffee break, at the next team meeting or in the armchair on a homeworking day. They'll be here and we'll update it regularly: 


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