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Skills development

Skills development in the workplace

Skills development in the workplace is crucial to ensure that employees don't get stuck in the same rut, so it's time to strengthen internal skills development. The trivialities of everyday life are welcome, but if an employee is to maintain their interest in the usual work tasks, it requires that both their professional and personal competences are challenged from time to time - and that's where Mystery Makers can help. In our experience, both personal and professional competences come into play when you come to us for team development. Both are important for a balanced work life, and our Team Development programme is all about developing the skills you already possess. They can be hard to spot, but when you get a fresh and observant pair of eyes, you'll realise that the need for skills development might be exactly what you're missing in your workplace. 

Shift focus from competences with strategic competency development 

What do we mean by that? We'll tell you. At Mystery Makers, we're not results-orientated, and for us, there's no right or wrong answer when it comes to competence development. We're actually more concerned with how you get there. That's why the focus needs to shift away from competences and towards the specific tasks you're given. It's not about learning new competences, it's about strengthening the ones you already have. Our competency development is strategically designed to challenge and strengthen your personal and professional competences. Our strategy is called learning through play, and it almost goes without saying what that means. Play is at the centre of the learning you will receive. 

Skills development for business is an investment in the future 

Employee skills development requires an investment in both time and resources, but it can have a significant positive impact on your organisation, your team and the overall wellbeing of the workplace. With the right skills development, employees will feel more engaged, productive and satisfied in the workplace, which can hopefully lead to better results for the organisation as a whole. Providing space to get to know each other outside the four walls of the office and within four walls that are definitely not what they seem is also a great way to strengthen the social bond.


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