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    In collaboration with the National Museum of Denmark and the Danish Agency for Culture, Mystery Makers offers educational treasure hunts at a number of historical locations in Copenhagen.


In collaboration with the National Museum of Denmark and the Danish Agency for Culture, Mystery Makers offers educational treasure hunts at a number of historical locations in Copenhagen. 

Our experiences contribute to an alternative and intelligent way of socialising through games and tasks that are rooted in more fulfilling activities than the usual games. At Mystery Makers, we want to take socialising to the next level and bring students together in a way they've never experienced before.

Whether the school trip is based on a specific subject such as history, Danish or English, or is simply a social initiative, our Mystery Hunts are perfect for the occasion. The games can be played in either Danish or English, so students can be challenged in whichever language is most relevant.

These three experiences are especially suitable for older children and young adults. Click on the experience you want to read more about.


By immersing themselves in the games' creative universes, which take place at Christiansborg Castle, Kronborg Castle, the King's Garden or Kastellet, students get the opportunity to learn about some of Denmark's most historic places while solving mysteries together in the best team building spirit. All personality types and ages can play Mystery Hunt, which is why it will surely appeal to your class.

Students will be divided into teams of 4-8 players who will work together to solve the given mystery before time runs out. As the game progresses, the team spirit will be strengthened and the students' self-confidence will be boosted. The puzzles can't always be solved on their own, so students are forced to work together productively. As the puzzles are solved and the pieces fall into place, students will experience a wealth of aha moments. All while smiling and enjoying the task at hand.

All our experiences are completely analogue, which gives students a rare opportunity to leave the digital behind for a while. It's good for the eyes, presence and imagination. We offer 2 hours of immersion and empathy in a historical world that you rarely come into contact with otherwise. In addition to challenging students' logical thinking and code-breaking skills, it will also awaken their interest in Danish history. 


Not only are children and young people academically challenged through our experiences, they also have a fun experience they can look back on for years to come. It's when you're young that you create the strongest memories, and we at Mystery Makers would love to set the stage for a fantastic day for the students.


What is the role of the teacher?

You need to book the experience and divide your class into smaller groups depending on what you book. Beyond that, you just need to be the confident guide who takes them to and from the experience. Whether you want to participate in the experience or be an observer is entirely up to you.

How does payment work?

Most schools need to pay by electronic invoice. That's fine with us, but we can save time if you have your CVR number and EAN number ready when you contact us.

What if we have more classes that want to go?

Then we'll plan it for you. If you have some ideas about which days and start times fit with the different classes' schedules, it won't take long to orchestrate.

How much does the experience cost?

It depends on your class size and what you want to try, but we have some great school prices that everyone can enjoy.

How late can we book?

In principle, we can plan the trip for you the day before if there is space where you want to go. So if you're running late, don't let that stop you from contacting us, but it's always nice to have plenty of time to talk through the details of your trip.


Let us help make your schedule work for you. Contact us here if you want to book or have any questions.
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