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  • Mystery Hunt in the Meatpacking District. Great for school trips and team building

    Historical HUNT FOR YOUR CLASS

    "You can learn more about a person from an hour of play than a year of conversation."
    - Plato

Learning through play

In collaboration with the National Museum of Denmark and the Danish Agency for Culture, Mystery Makers is proud to create educational riddle hunts at a number of historical locations in Copenhagen.

Take the whole class on a historical and entertaining journey in the King's Garden. Ludo the court jester leads you, the king's bastard children, through stories and riddles about love and intrigue in the King's Garden. Along the way, you must prove whether you really have blue blood in your veins and are worthy of the throne.

"Great classroom activity. Super exciting experience that really gets you thinking."
- Nanna, class teacher

4 - 100 participants
Duration: 90-120 min.
The King's Garden
Languages: DK & ENG

Here's how it works


You are handed a mysterious box at the Freedom Museum in Copenhagen. It contains everything you need. A letter tells you where in the King's Garden to open the box and you're off!


The box is filled with small, mysterious books that lead you around the King's Garden.


To solve the puzzles, you'll need to investigate the garden thoroughly. Use the royal surroundings together with the contents of the box and solve the mystery!

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?

Mystery Makers wants to support all educators who recognise the value of learning through play. That's why we're offering some great prizes that everyone can get involved in. Contact us here to get a quote.

How does it work?

You can pick up the Mystery Hunt game boxes at the Freedom Museum, a 2-minute walk from the Citadel and a 15-minute walk from the King's Garden. You are welcome to pick up the packs before the day you need them. When planning the pick-up of the puzzle material, please note the following Opening hours of the Freedom Museum

You will typically receive four Mystery Hunt game boxes to divide your class into smaller groups of 4-8 participants. The game box contains all the material you need to complete the mystery hunt.

How many can we be?

You can be up to 100 participants divided into smaller groups of 4-8 participants.

What is the role of the teacher?

You need to book the experience and divide your class into smaller groups depending on what you book. Beyond that, you just need to be the confident guide who takes them to and from the experience. Whether you want to participate in the experience or be an observer is entirely up to you.


As a teacher, you will find elements of the Mystery Hunt experience that fit well with your curriculum. See the relevance to the subjects below.


You can talk about the structure of the material and the tools that determine how the text is read. You can dive into specific sentences or discuss the proverbs and sayings you've come across along the way. What does it mean?"that whom you chastise, you love"?  Or, What does it mean to jeopardise something?


The tour fits well with a programme about key developments and events in Denmark's history around the royal lineage. You'll also meet Struensee, Caroline Amalie and other historical characters on your tour of the King's Garden.

Social Sciences

Hidden in the stories you'll be introduced to several examples of power, political behaviour and intrigue. You can discuss the different cases and contextualise them to similar cases in the present day and how they would be dealt with and resolved.


If you want to make the tour part of your English lessons, you can get the material in English.


The backdrop for many of the royal intrigues is often about betrayal or love. You can discuss how forbidden love due to family relationships or status is still very much a part of contemporary life. You can talk about arranged marriages, identity and forbidden love in different religious contexts.
There's also a character who has chosen to enter a monastery - why does she do it and what does it really mean?

Visual arts

Take photos of the sculptures and statues you come across on your trip so you can analyse them later in your visual culture and traditional art forms classes. Or dive into a single sculpture together:

For example The Lion and the Horse
Discuss political art that's not just something from the present.


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