Teambuilding in Copenhagen

Can you solve mysteries and puzzles together? Our Mystery Hunt games are the closest thing you can get to being the protagonist in The Da Vinci Code, and they are great activities for your next teambuilding. You will use your heads and your abilities to cooperate while going on a hectic hunt through history where you must find leads and signs.

Mystery Hunt games are an intelligent entertainment that is used for teambuilding by the country’s biggest companies. The different Mystery Hunt games are great icebreakers and onboarding events. The experiences are an informal type of teambuilding where you explore freely, allowing yourselves to lower your guards and strengthen relationships in the game’s disarming atmosphere. Mystery Makers was among the three nominees for Teambuilding of the Year 2017, and Mystery Hunt Christiansborg Palace was nominated for the Communication Prize and nominated in two categories in Danish Design Awards in 2017.


Bring your colleagues with you to The King’s Garden if you want an active and challenging teambuilding experience. You will work together, solve puzzles together and get to know each other. There several good restaurants and cafés in and around The King’s Garden, among others the Herkules Pavillonen and Orangeriet. Mystery Hunt The King’s Garden is also very well suited for staff outings or team days.


Perfect for teambuilding. You will both work together and challenge each other, and you will get to know each other better when the game of power is decided. Mystery Hunt Christiansborg Palace also works very well as an introduction to Danish history and the royal family if you have foreign colleagues on your team. Christiansborg Palace is located close to lots of good restaurants, and the castle also has its own restaurant, Restaurant Taarnet, in the tower of Christiansborg Palace.


Our spy hunt at The Citadel in Copenhagen is tailor-made for teambuilding with your colleagues. You must work together to solve the mystery, and you will get to know each others’ strengths and weaknesses while also competing with each other. You will find out who among you is best at analysing problems, make tough decisions and spot details. The Citadel is located right by Copenhagen’s harbour, with lots of good restaurants nearby. Restaurant Toldboden welcomes large groups and offers both indoor and outdoor serving.