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:sun_with_face: Plan your summer party, bachelorette party, or any party with entertainment from Mystery Makers. Enjoy fun and unique moments with friends, family and colleagues in the beautiful summer weather! :sun_with_face:

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Mystery Room prices For private use

A unique and entertaining Mystery Room experience for a private event for friends, family or a stag party.

9:00-17:00: 299 kr.
19:00-21:00: 249 kr.
299 kr.
249 kr.

All prices are per person including VAT.

Mystery Hunt prices for private individuals

Unique and entertaining Mystery Hunt experience for a private event for friends, family or a stag party.

299 kr.
199 kr.

All prices are per person including VAT. Entrance tickets to museums are not included in the price.


The Lab™.

Mystery Room
A scientist has gone mad. You have been locked in his secret laboratory in Grønningen and are now test subjects in a mysterious experiment. You must work together, solve the puzzles and escape in under 60 minutes.

The Ritual™.

Mystery Room
A powerful lodge has sinister plans. Can you solve the mystery and stop them? You're trapped in their occult chamber at the Greening, and you must fight evil before it's too late. You must band together, solve the mysteries of the Lodge and escape before the clock strikes full.

The Killing Room

Mystery Room
A serial killer is on the loose. You've been locked in a mysterious basement at Grønningen and must pass a test with your life on the line. You must band together and help each other solve the killer's riddles and codes to escape within 60 minutes.

The King's Garden

Mystery Hunt
Try a fun and playful treasure hunt that challenges your social intelligence - and prove that together you can overcome the court jester's cunning trials! The King's Secret is perfect as a unifying activity for birthdays, stag parties, family outings, company outings or team building.

The Citadel

Mystery Hunt
Step through the gates of Copenhagen's old castle and learn the secret of war. Together with your team, you are on a mission in search of information and intelligence. Your ability to analyse, observe, collaborate and make tough choices will be put to the test.

Christiansborg Palace

Mystery Hunt
Learn the game of power in the royal banqueting rooms at Christiansborg Castle. By following hidden clues through the palace halls, cracking codes and challenging each other in the power game, you and your team will get close to the battle for power in the Danish kingdom.

Kronborg Castle

Mystery Hunt
Join an entertaining cultural treasure hunt at the world-famous Kronborg Castle and experience the castle as you've never experienced it before.

Assistens Cemetery

Mystery Hunt

Take an adventure around the resting place of the most famous Danes, such as Hans Christian Andersen, Dan Turrell and Niels Bohr. Andersen, Dan Turéll, and Niels Bohr. Can you solve the riddles and balance the battle between light and shadow?

The Meatpacking District

Mystery Hunt

Experience the unique atmosphere of the Meatpacking District with a Mystery Hunt that challenges you and your team. With Mystery Hunt in the Meatpacking District, you and your team will discover the secret to staying forever young, modern and relevant - if you can solve the game's puzzle.


Mystery Hunt

A crime has been committed in Ørstedsparken and you are the detectives who must solve the mystery of who committed the great ruby theft. Join us for a fun and playful mystery hunt in one of Copenhagen's most beautiful parks. 


Try Mystery Hunt... Kronborg Castle and Christiansborg Palacewhen darkness has fallen. Walking around the castle after dark is a very special experience. If the treasure hunt goes beyond the castle's opening hours, there will be a surcharge for keeping the castle open. Contact us for more information.


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