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Is Kronborg Castle haunted?

29 Aug 2022

Do you believe there's more to heaven and earth than meets the eye? Or is the concept of ghosts as fictional as Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales? Whichever you favour, you should read this week's blog post about ghosts at Kronborg Castle, which almost sounds like one of the Paranormal Activity films set in real life.

One of our Mystery Hunt destinations also happens to be one of the castles in Denmark where paranormal activity and unexplained events have been observed. Over the years, Kronborg Castle has been visited by both clairvoyants and other mediums who have attempted to exorcise the ghosts experienced by guests and staff. Employees report bottles clinking in the cognac room and visitors see figures in the dark. The guards at the castle have also experienced aggressive slamming of doors and windows over the years.

Back in 2005, the castle was visited by a clairvoyant who tried to make contact with the dead figures. She said she felt the presence of more than 18 ghosts in the castle, each with a different history. During the visit, the clairvoyant explained that the reason for the ghosts' aggressive behaviour towards staff and guests was rooted in dissatisfaction with the rebuilding of the castle that had been done. She also said that a German butler and an English diplomat's wife were among those who vandalised the castle. The oldest deceased person the clairvoyant came into contact with is registered dead as far back as 1711. During the clairvoyant's visit, she tried to get the ghosts to leave the castle by means of exorcism. After the intense act, the clairvoyant believed that 14 of the 18 ghosts had left the castle. But despite the exorcism, history still reports that ghosts have returned to Kronborg Castle. In 2015, two visitors posted a picture of the castle on Instagram, where a mysterious figure of a girl could be seen, which no one has been able to explain. Maybe it's one of the last four ghosts left at Kronborg that the clairvoyant failed to scare away? Whether you believe in ghosts or not, the fact is that unexplained events still take place at the castle to this day.

Still not convinced that Kronborg Castle is haunted? Then book your Mystery Hunt now and judge for yourself.

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