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3 new trends in smart entertainment

13. Jun 2022

At Mystery Makers, we characterise our experiences as brainstorming - So the words 'entertainment' and 'brain' combined, which of course means that what we do is intelligent entertainment. Although we don't believe that our experiences are either seasonal or follow a specific fashion wave, we like to immerse ourselves in our industry. New phenomena and aspects of intelligent entertainment are constantly being developed, which we at Mystery Makers find exciting. We've taken a look at some of 2020's biggest trends in intelligent entertainment and put them into perspective for our own experiences.

1. Activities that contribute to your personal development

It probably comes as no surprise that the beauty, fashion, sports and health industries continue to grow in popularity and are industries that we spend an increasing amount of money on. But in fact, it's no longer just the appearance aspect of personal beautification that consumers crave. There is a growing interest in products and services that contribute to personal development - including through entertainment. Developing and acquiring new skills is in high demand, especially if this can be achieved through fun activities. When you choose to go on a Mystery Hunt, you not only gain new knowledge about the history and culture of Copenhagen, but you also develop your problem-solving and teamwork skills. These are exactly the kind of skills that consumers want to develop, as they are skills that can be useful in the workplace as well as at home. So when you choose an activity that aims to challenge these skills, you feel that it's an investment in personal development that will pay off in the long run.

2. Mastering staying focused

It's easy to get caught up in the stresses of everyday life and with multiple balls in the air at the same time, you forget what it feels like to give yourself 100% to a specific focus point. Not being distracted and instead giving your full attention to the here and now experience is truly a concept that more and more people are demanding. Studies show that the average employee only has 11 minutes of real work time during an 8-hour workday in the office. When you get 60 to 120 minutes to immerse yourself in one of our experiences, it can be seen as a privilege. Time to focus also means time to really get caught up in a mood, or in the case of our experiences, a specific story. This helps make the feeling of being entertained seem more intense. It's comparable to sitting through an entire film without checking your phone once. You just feel the story better and immerse yourself in the universe when there are no interruptions or distractions. Not only is it a break from the stressful everyday life where everyone is constantly pulling at you, it's also good brain exercise that forces you to train your concentration. It's a proven fact that humans can usually only focus for about 10 minutes at a time. Why not take back control and challenge how long you can concentrate on a single thing? Our mysterious puzzles and exciting environments allow you to focus on the task at hand for at least 60 minutes, a six-fold increase compared to the average uninterrupted concentration time.

3. Analogue entertainment has its charm

Whether you're a big consumer of it or not, there's no getting around the fact that the world has become digitalised. This is also true when it comes to entertainment. With digitalisation and technology comes many cool opportunities such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence incorporated into entertainment experiences. However, the massive consumption of digital resources can sometimes get out of hand. The challenge in the digital era is learning to balance the analogue with the digital. Our everyday lives are so heavily influenced by digital that there is a growing interest in analogue alternatives. This is especially true when it comes to socialising. At Mystery Makers, all our experiences are completely analogue. In both our Mystery Hunt and Mystery Room, all parts of the game are physical objects that you can touch and feel. In our Mystery Hunt, the rules of the game are written in black and white on paper, while clues are designed on cardboard. This gives a completely different feeling of being present when taking part in analogue entertainment. It also provides a break from the sometimes technological zombie state we find ourselves in. Everything we do doesn't have to be swipe-able or dependent on a stable internet connection. Not only is analogue entertainment super trendy, but we also believe it's healthy to give your head a screen break, just once in a while. When you book an experience with us, we guarantee that you won't be able to find anything more interesting on your phone anyway.

Whether you feel like jumping on the bandwagon or not, we're sure to have an experience that suits you. What all our Mystery Rooms and Mystery Hunts have in common is that you are the centre of attention.

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