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Mystery Makers' 10th anniversary

13. Jun 2022


On the occasion of our 10th birthday, Tuesday 25 August, this blog post will look back on the decade that has now passed. Birthdays are always a great opportunity to reflect and think back on the past years. With a bit of reflection and contemplation, you are reminded of all the good things you have learnt and gained over the years. It's a great opportunity to emphasise how grateful we are for Mystery Maker's first decade and how much we look forward to the next.

Let's start with the latest first, and then move chronologically back to where it all started...


Not only did we celebrate our anniversary in August, we were also presented with the Tripadvisor award, Travellers' Choice Awards 2020. The award is a huge recognition and praise that we are very, very proud of. Each year, the award is presented to experiences, sights, restaurants and attractions that consistently receive the best reviews from travellers on Tripadvisor. In 2020, Mystery Makers has been part of the top 10% of the best reviews worldwide. This award is very special to us, not only because it's a great recognition of our work, but because the recognition comes from you, our guests. It really warms our hearts when we feel and are reassured that you like our mysterious and adventurous experiences. We started Mystery Makers with the ambition to create intelligent entertainment that would give our guests a different, fun and exciting experience. When you give our experiences good reviews, it shows that we are on our way to fulfil our ambition, and we are very grateful and proud of that.

2020 was not the only year Mystery Makers was honoured with an important award. In 2018, we won Berlingske's AOK award for the city's best cultural experience, and back in 2012, Mystery Makers became Danish champion in creative entrepreneurship and won the Creative Business Cup. Every time we receive a new award that recognises our work, it makes us proud and happy to the core. It motivates us to continue to develop and innovate our experiences so that they continue to be the kind of entertainment that our guests like - that's the most important ambition.


Ever since we opened our first Mystery Room, The Lab in 2014, we have continued to add new experiences to our mysterious world. Three Mystery Rooms have been added, along with our four Mystery Hunts, which provide adventurous experiences in historic areas around Copenhagen, including the old barracks at Kastellet. In 2018, we expanded with another experience outside Denmark, in the beautiful historic city of culture, Vienna. We're excited to continue our mystical adventure elsewhere in the world, and what better place than the Art History Museum in Vienna. We think this location fits perfectly with our philosophy of intelligent entertainment, and we are grateful for the opportunity to give even more international guests an insight into our mystical world.

A decade has passed, but a new one has begun

When we look back on the past decade, we are filled with joy and pride! Everything we have experienced and achieved during the ten years that Mystery Makers has existed, we can only thank our guests for. We wouldn't be where we are today if it wasn't for all of you. The last decade has been the greatest ever and we're already looking forward to the next one in the company of our wonderful guests - we're confident that the second decade will be even better than the first.

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