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How TV shows can teach you how to beat an escape room

13. Jun 2022

It sounds almost too good to be true, but you can actually use TV series for something useful - to help you in the escape room world. We've gathered three series that can help you beat an escape room. Doesn't that sound like another good excuse to binge-watch another series?

Criminal Minds

The hit US series follows the FBI's elite Behavioural Analysis Unie (BAU) group of profilers who analyse the country's most dangerous suspects in the hope of predicting their next move. The team analyses everything from potential childhood trauma to recent diagnoses, all of which helps them one step closer to understanding the killer and his motive. By building a profile of who the killer is and what he wants, they also get closer to the clues the perpetrator may have left behind. Think like the suspect is the main way the team uncovers the most clues.
If you're trying to escape the basement of a psychopathic serial killer as in our The Killing Room, you can utilise the same elements that the BAU team uses. Despite the fact that you may not have the time and resources to analyse childhood trauma, you can still make use of many of the Criminal Minds group's techniques. The better you are at familiarising yourself with the escape room's protagonist, the easier it is to find potential clues and clues in the room itself. Think like the killer - where would he hide the key to the lock?

A Series of Unfortunate Events

The series, titled "An Accident Rarely Comes Alone", follows three Baudelaire children, Violet, Klaus and Sunny, who have been orphaned by the death of their parents during the destruction of their home. As the children are bounced between different foster homes, they are pursued by Count Olaf, who wants to gain control of the vast Baudelaire legacy before the children come of age. But to get the inheritance, Count Olaf must first get rid of the three siblings. Throughout the series, their lives are put to the test again and again, where only their creativity can save them - as it does time and time again. The three siblings are an invincible team that we wouldn't want to compete in an escape room with, but whose working methods we can learn from. Violet has the expression: "there is always something" when it comes to escaping unfortunate or potentially deadly situations. She always manages to find materials that can be used to escape, no matter the circumstances. This can be applied to escape rooms with good reason. Because there is ALWAYS something. Have you looked over in the corner? Is there actually something between the cushions on that sofa? Or maybe the answer is hanging right above you on the ceiling? Follow Violet's lead and keep this saying in mind - you'll definitely have more success finding clues and keys in an escape room.


We know what you're thinking, but yes, FRIENDS can actually help you win an escape room! Despite the fact that the show has no criminal undertones whatsoever (apart from the episode where Phoebe dates a cop), there's still a lot you can take from it that will benefit you in an escape room. One of the most popular shows of our time, it follows six friends Joey, Ross, Chandler, Rachel, Phoebe and Monica through their ups and downs in New York City. The elements worth noting when it comes to escape room techniques is that despite their differences, the six friends always stick together. One is a palaeontologist while another works in fashion, but that doesn't stop them from having fun and working together in the face of adversity. When you're in an escape room as a group, group dynamics are put to the test. Not only do you have to be patient with each other, but you should also capitalise on the fact that you all come with different mindsets, approaches and techniques. This is not only your chance to prove that you are sharp enough to work together and escape the escape room, but it's also your chance to show that you are at least as united as the FRIENDS team - even under pressure.

Have you already seen all three series? Then why don't you book your escape room today and see if the theories hold true.

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