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5 strategies for a sure escape room victory

29 Aug 2022

What is a game for some is a challenge for others. Solving puzzles is a nightmare for some. It's too difficult and even more stressful if it's timed. Are you one of those people who sigh more than you cheer when talk of an escape room comes up? Fear not - we've put together five strategies that will lead you and your team to victory the next time you head to the escape room.


This is one of the strategies that can be the easiest to forget. You enter the escape room as a team, but that doesn't mean you all have to work on one task. In order to crack all the codes before time runs out, it's important that you spread out and work on multiple puzzles at the same time. That way, you'll get through the entire escape room in less time. This is a great way to cover more ground in less time, which will most likely lead you to a faster victory.


While you should spread out, you should still remember to work together. Firstly, some puzzles require multiple people to solve. Secondly, escape room 100% is all about teamwork and co-operation. Make sure you put your heads down at the right time. For example, you might find yourself with a puzzle in the escape room that is missing a piece. Ask your teammates as they might have the information or materials you need.


Escape rooms are in some ways like giant jigsaw puzzles. However, all escape rooms are different from each other. Some escape rooms are designed in such a way that the placement of the clues has a meaning. You need to pay attention to the order of the puzzles, the place in the room they are placed and the direction they are facing. For example, it could be a clock at a certain time or files in a certain order. You should avoid moving too much on a series of clues. Above all, it's important that you analyse each part of the room before moving the clues. This fail-proof strategy will help your team keep the situation organised and on track for the way out.


Anything found in the ecape room must be shared with all teammates. Things can get hectic as your hour ticks away. People are so focused on what they are doing that they develop tunnel vision. Use a clear and loud voice to make sure you capture everyone's attention. And make sure you articulate your ideas clearly and quickly.


It seems obvious and should probably be number one on the list, but an escape room is an explosion of entertainment whether you win or lose. In other words, you're a winner either way, as long as you have fun while doing it. An escape room is an intelligent form of entertainment where your brain is put to the test. Have fun with your team and joke with each other, whether you make it out of the escape room on time or lose in style.

With these strategies in mind, there's no excuse not to try an escape room adventure - book your experience today.

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