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5 reasons why Mystery Rooms and Hunts are the perfect summer holiday activity

13. Jun 2022

Summer 2020 will be a different kind of summer. But different doesn't mean boring. At Mystery Makers, we've lowered our prices all summer long, so you can plan a holiday full of puzzle-solving in Denmark and still save up for that big trip abroad next year. Read on in this blog post where we give you five reasons why a Mystery Makers activity is the perfect summer holiday activity.

1. A break from the usual summer activities

All winter long we dream of warm temperatures and lying on the beach again. However, once you've been sunburnt for the tenth time, swallowed enough seawater and become the undefeated champion of the game of kings, boredom can quickly set in. That's where our activities come in. A trip to the Mystery Room or the Hunt is anything but the usual summer holiday activity. Whether you're looking for a themed activity suitable for a trip with family, friends or colleagues, Mystery Makers is sure to have an experience to suit you and your party. Immerse yourself in our different storylines and explore a universe that is completely different from the daily grind.

2. Intelligent entertainment

Although our activities range widely in theme, they all have one thing in common: they stimulate your brain. Through our games, you'll challenge your puzzle-solving skills and put your team's co-operation to the test. Has working at home during the pandemic left you feeling a little light-headed? And do you think the kids are getting a little too lethargic after months of distance learning? Swap the bland summer activities and put the whole family's brains to work by booking one of our experiences.

3. Opportunity to be outdoors

Perhaps you're put off by the idea of staying indoors when the weather outside is marvellous. Luckily for you, at Mystery Makers we also have an outdoor alternative to the classic Mystery Room. Our Mystery Hunts all take place outside in Copenhagen's green spaces such as Kongens Have and Kastellet.

4. Mystery is not only found in the dark winter

For some, mystery may go hand in hand with dark nights and cold months. Even though the summer nights aren't particularly long or dark, that doesn't mean the mystery has to disappear completely. When you choose one of our activities, you get the opportunity to step into a hair-raising universe regardless of the season.

Summer may have turned down the darkness of the outdoors, but we've turned up the fun in our activities.

5. Safety is a priority

Despite the first half of the pandemic appearing to be over, many of us will still be taking some precautions to ensure health. All our activities have been given the green light by the government and will be organised in a safe manner. Whether you choose our Hunts or Rooms, only you and your loved ones are in the game. Our experiences don't require you to be in contact with anyone other than those you would otherwise be in contact with. Whether it's your colleagues from the office, your family or your closest friends is entirely up to you.

We look forward to seeing you in one of our Rooms or Hunts during the summer!

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