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29 Aug 2022

Are you looking for a little warm-up before you try your hand at an escape room? Then you can try out the three mystery games we've found for good reason!

Our mystery lean colleagues from escape room company "Time's Up" in Australia have developed three sets of escape room inspired games that you can print out and play at home. We think they're awesome, so we've decided to share them with you. Both games are in English, so we've put together a little guide so that even those who are not fluent in English can join in.

1. Roaring Prohibition

The game takes place in the fabulous 1920s when an experiment that makes all consumption and sale of alcohol illegal takes place in the USA. In the game, you are a thirsty soul who wants to go to one of the secret parties where alcoholic drinks are still available. The mission is to get the clues to form a location, date, time and a password. All the elements needed for you to find the place and get in. You start from the newspaper clipping at the top, which contains patterns that will reveal how to decode the different clues. We don't want to give too much away, of course, but we will say one thing: Remember that in English, months are capitalised.

2. Crime Scene Investigation

In this mystery game, you are a police officer who has to crack the code of who committed the murder of the body you have just found. You've narrowed it down to six suspects, so it's up to you to find out which number of suspects is the perpetrator, what his name is, his murder weapon, the date, time and location. There is only one witness who caught a brief glimpse of the killer before he disappeared. Can you piece together the clues and catch the killer before he strikes again? Actually, you don't need a lot of instructions for this game as there is a whole file of clues that we don't want to spoil the mystery and excitement of the game. However, we would like to emphasise that it's important to keep your tongue firmly in your cheek when it comes to converting currency. And we haven't said too much.

3. Treasure Hunt

In this pirate escape game, you and your team must find the missing treasure they call La Noche Triste. The treasure contains endless amounts of gold, so whoever finds it first can look forward to endless riches. The problem is that none of the pirates who originally helped dig it up are still alive. You have to crack the code yourself and the game starts with finding out which country the treasure was last seen in. The first puzzle can be a bit tricky to crack, so we'll help you get started. Think about the name of the treasure - what language does it sound like it comes from? And where is that language spoken? But then we won't help you any more!

You can download the three games and clues here:

Once you've got your blood pumping after playing the two games, you can book an escape room with us and try your hand at a real-life escape room.

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