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The types of players you meet in an escape room - which one are you?

13. Jun 2022

People are different and this is especially evident in an escape room. When groups of people come together with a common goal, they tend to take on four different roles. Read on to find out which role you are.

1. Leather

The leader is the player who, seconds after entering the escape room, takes responsibility for winning the game. The leader will usually distribute the workloads and roles, as well as develop a strategy for how to best and most efficiently explore the entire room. In other words, the leader is the glue that holds all the players together. When and if you manage to win the game before time runs out, the leader is also the one who will be most proud, as they feel their leadership skills are partly to thank for the victory.
Are you a leader? The characteristics of them are:

  • You are good at creating an overview
  • You stay calm in stressful situations
  • You have a clear mission and stay focused on achieving it
  • You make sure everyone feels included

2. The adventurous one

The adventurous one is the player who brings the most energy to your team and maintains team spirit. They are happy to tackle the room with their teammates and are always looking for surprises in the escape room. They may be the first to notice that there is a hidden room behind the bookcase, or they may volunteer to crawl through the uncovered air duct. They make sure their team supports each other and utilises each person's strengths.
Are you the adventurous one? Characteristics of them are:

  • You're always ready for new experiences
  • You are brave and enjoy challenges
  • You take headwinds with a smile
  • You see the glass as half full

3. The wire collector

Clue collectors are observant and curious. They are good at spotting things that look remarkable and identifying important parts of the escape room. Clue collectors are the first player to dismantle the escape room to search through all drawers, folders and under carpets. They pick up all the clues and are convinced that they will all be needed later in the game. In addition to this, clue collectors are also good at communicating when they have found a clue so they can share them with the other players to get the whole team working. They also have a sticky brain and remember every single clue they come across throughout the game.
Are you a clue collector? Characteristics of them are:

  • You can find a needle in a haystack
  • You're the type who NEVER loses your keys and can always find yours.
  • You have a magnificent memory
  • You might tend to be a bit of a collector (but that's okay, because it benefits the team later!)

4. The code breaker

The code breaker is an essential part of any escape room team. They are good at noticing patterns, solving challenges and cracking codes. They think about ideas and puzzles until they figure out how to solve each challenge they face. When the team gets stuck or feels their time is best spent helping elsewhere in the escape room, they all look to the code breakers for hope. Codebreakers are often super sharp too, seeing solutions that others only see gibberish.

Are you a code breaker? Characteristics of them are:

  • You see patterns and repetitions in everything
  • You have a steely backbone and do NOT give up
  • You eat puzzles for breakfast
  • When others say "I simply can't solve this" you take action

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