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  • Mystery Hunt at the Assistent Cemetery

    Assistens Cemetery

    "A perfect way to spend an afternoon"
    "Everyone aged 9-75 had a great day"
    "A perfect way to get around the cemetery and take in some history"

Embark on an adventurous journey and solve the riddles of the famous Danes

Take an adventure around the resting place of the most famous Danes, such as Hans Christian Andersen, Natasja Saad and Niels Bohr. Explore the incredible life stories and solve the mysteries of the stuntwoman without fear, the teenage girl who was buried alive and the singer who became famous exactly three months after her death. They have achieved impressive feats in their respective fields, but have also struggled with both inner and outer demons. Can you solve the riddles and balance the battle between light and shadow?

The beautiful Assistens Cemetery is not like most cemeteries. Here, between the graves of the most famous Danes, young people sunbathe and families picnic. This is the place where the living hang out with the dead. Here you will find our tribute to life - Mystery Hunt, Assistens Cemetery.

The experience is for you and your loved ones, where you don't have to worry about planning; you can play whenever it suits you. Bring your girlfriend, family or best friends on an old-fashioned treasure hunt for 1-4 players.

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Opening hours: Sunrise to sunset
Difficulty level 4/6
Languages: DK & ENG

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You'll be given a mysterious box at Sleep in Heaven, right next to Assistens Cemetery. A letter tells you where in Assistens Cemetery to open the box and you're off!

In the box you'll find a mysterious book that leads you around Assistens Cemetery.

  • "It's so much fun to collaborate on something that makes you smarter at the same time."

    Niklas, CPH Hotel
  • "Absolutely fantastic, best corporate/family entertainment, value for money and great customer service. Thanks for great hours Mystery Makers!"

  • "An absolutely fantastic experience! Exciting, challenging and skilled employees."

  • "Mystery Hunt is a world-class activity - was at Kronborg Castle and will definitely try the other locations. Great way to be together across gender and age."

    Mystery Hunt Assistant cemetery
    Find your way

    Assistens Cemetery
    Kapelvej 2
    2200 Copenhagen N

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