4 – 36 participants

60 mins.

Grønningen 15, Cph K

From 250 DKK p.pers.


The Lab is a challenging game where you and your fellow players must think fast and cooperate to solve puzzles and cryptic tasks in order to escape the room.

The Lab is Mystery Makers’ most popular escape room, played by more than 25,000 guests.

Try The Lab as a Battle Room.
If you are more than 9 people, you will be split up into more groups and locked into identical rooms. Hereafter, you will compete against each other to be the first group to escape The Lab. An exciting and hectic experience. Up to 36 people can play simultaneously.

Practical Information

  • Up to 36 people can play simultaneously.
  • Your meeting place is Grønningen 15.
  • The game lasts for up to 60 minutes, and you will need 30 minutes for introduction and debriefing.
  • You must be sober in order to play The Lab.
  • The puzzles in the room are language neutral, and all of our Game Masters speak both Danish and English.

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The Lab

You have been locked up in a secret lab, and you are now the test subjects in a mysterious experiment. You have to solve the puzzles and escape within 60 minutes.

The Lab
incl. Video Session

Mystery Room Video Session

Get the most out of The Lab with an hour of subsequent Video Session together with our experts. You need to be at least 6 participants to select Video Sesion – read more


The Lab Mystery Room København


Grønningen 15
1270 Copenhagen K

Frequently Asked Questions – The Lab

Is The Lab suitable for children/families with children?

Children and young people are good puzzle-solvers, and they love our Mystery Room games. We recommend that children from the age of 7 to 12 are accompanied by adults – children from 13 years and upwards don’t require adult supervision.

Is The Lab suitable for corporate events and teambuilding?

Yes, The Lab is very suitable for companies that want an entertaining and different experience! Both the individual employee’s qualifications and the group’s ability to work together will come into play. The Lab is open every day of the week from 9:00 to 23:00.

Is The Lab suitable for wheelchair users?

Yes, The Lab is suitable for people using a wheelchair.

What if we are not sure how many people we will be?

If you are in doubt about how many people you will be, feel free to contact us here.

Are there any restaurants nearby?

We have made a list of nearby restaurants, which are in walking distance from Mystery Makers. The list can be found here.