From 6 participants

3 hours incl. game,
break and Video Session

Grønningen 15, Cph K

From 900 DKK p.p.
– incl. game


Our teambuilding session is an add-on to the Mystery Room experience. When you break out of the room, one of our experts will take over and analyse the experience together with you on video. You will get the chance to share your experiences, reflect on your cooperation and hear more about the mechanisms characterising groups that need to solve difficult tasks in little time.

You are at the center of the experience, and we focus on the reflection being educational, funny and giving the entire teambuilding experience an extra entertaining and insightful dimension. We call it Enterbrainment – entertainment that makes you smarter.

Choose this extra experience if you want a completely unique team experience.

We offer Video Session in:

Video Session Process

  • Arrival and introduction
    15 min. before booked time
  • Mystery Room Game
    Approx. 60 min.
  • Break and preparation
    30 min.
  • Video Session
    60 min.
  • Closure
    15 min.

Practial Information

  • You can purchase Video Session as an add-on for all our Mystery Room games
  • The, coffee and water is included in the price
  • All video recordings are deleted after a Video Session is completed