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  • Mystery Hunt in the Meatpacking District. Great for school trips and team building

    The Meatpacking District

    Embark on a fun treasure hunt for adults in Vesterbro's vibrant cultural heart, Kødbyen. Can you solve the riddles and find the key to eternal youth?


Experience the unique atmosphere of the Meatpacking District with a Mystery Hunt that challenges you and your team. the Meatpacking District in Vesterbro is an area that has always been evolving. Here, butchers say good morning to revellers who say good night. Immerse yourself in the area's industrial history, nightlife and innovative culture. Together with colleagues or friends, explore the ever-evolving world of the Meatpacking District and discover how past and future meet in this unforgettable experience. Take the challenge and create unforgettable memories in the Meatpacking District!

With Mystery Hunt in the Meatpacking District, you and your team will discover the secret to staying forever young, modern and relevant - if you can solve the game's riddle.

Do you need a digital detox too? Mystery Hunt is a 100% analogue experience with a human touch. Rediscover the joy of a beautiful, old-fashioned treasure map and leave your phones in your pockets while you solve the mysteries around you.

Opening hours: Sunrise to sunset
Kødbyen, Vesterbro
Languages: DK & ENG

Searching Availability...

Searching Availability...

Book for 16+ participants

HOW MYSTERY HUNT WORKS IN the Meatpacking District


You are handed a mysterious box in Vesterbro, Copenhagen. It contains everything you need. A letter tells you where in the Meatpacking District to open the box and you're off!


The box is filled with small, mysterious books that lead you around the Meatpacking District.


Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?
299 kr. per person
199 kr. per person

All prices are exclusive of VAT for businesses and inclusive of VAT for consumers. 

How many can we be?

You can be up to 100 Participants divided into smaller groups of 4-8 participants.

Who can join?

Team building
The experience is ideal for companies looking for a fun and different experience. Both the individual employee's competences and the group's ability to work together come into play.

Celebrations and hen parties
The experience is ideal as a fun and sociable activity for celebrations and hen parties.

Schools and colleges
Mystery Hunt is a unique experience where students get to play with history. 

Families with children
The experience is suitable for everyone aged 12 and up. We recommend Mystery Hunt in Ørstedsparken for families with children.

How long does it take?

The experience itself takes 90 - 120 minutes.

Are you more than 16 participants?
16 people can start the experience every 10 minutes.  Contact us to learn more about the duration for larger groups.

Other good things to know
  • The Mystery Hunt box can be picked up at CPH Hotel, 5 min. walk from Kødbyen.
  • Wheelchair users can get around in Kødbyen.

Book for 16+ participants

  • "We all came together and learnt how cool we are at working together."

    Lone, Maersk Drilling
  • "It's so much fun to collaborate on something that makes you smarter at the same time."

    Niklas, CPH Hotel
  • "Absolutely fantastic, best corporate/family entertainment, value for money and great customer service. Thanks for great hours Mystery Makers!"

  • "An absolutely fantastic experience! Exciting, challenging and skilled employees."

  • "Mystery Hunt is a world-class activity - was at Kronborg Castle and will definitely try the other locations. Great way to be together across gender and age."

    Mystery Hunt Assistant cemetery
    Find your way

    The Meatpacking District
    The butcher's shop
    1716 Copenhagen V

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